August G…uest #18: The Nontraditional Irish Stew

Recipe Hunter kindly featured my Mum’s stew as a guest post! Irish Stew with a twist for those of you who fancy it.

The Recipe Hunter

OrlaPlease meat Orla @ fancypaper – little things that make you happy.

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Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

A post that introduces new blogs to read and speaks so emotively about life.

Pain Pals

Monday Magic

Good Morning, all!  Hope that those of you enjoying a Bank Holiday are having a fantastic day, and that everyone else has had a great weekend!

The weather is beautiful here and we have a family BBQ planned for later in the day – coincidental, but it just happens to be my parents 52nd wedding anniversary.  Dad would tell you that he would get less for a life sentence!!

A very good friend contacted me earlier in the week with the sad news that her mum had died.  She has been living in a nursing home for several years now and has gradually deteriorated, but in recent weeks she took a turn for the worse with a bad chest infection and just wasn’t strong enough to fight it. This week has been very hard for my friend, her brother & sister, and particularly her dad.  They had been married over…

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