The Holy Grail

Recently I met up with a friend in the same boat as myself. Two under two. Both girls. We love the bones of these little lassies. We plan they will go to school together,  be friends or fight as maybe. I find that I am only recently leaving the house with Betsy and I think … Continue reading The Holy Grail


Exploring Belgium

One small country with one enormous story. A history steeped in red, baring witness to war throughout the centuries. Somewhat frozen in medieval time, reminding the world of days that helped build our modern doorsteps. For the current world Belgium has brought us such cultural delights as the Belgian waffle, Belgian beer and my personal favorite Belgian chocolate. Capture

I am excited to announce that I will be adventuring to Belgium in May of this year. Belgium holds a personal connection of it’s own to my country and province, being a place where grandfathers have perished and battled not so long ago. I am hoping to enjoy a trip filled with history and deliciousness. Oh and maybe a few surprises along the way.

So in loo of my impending journey I am overjoyed to have had the chance to interview Yolaine from Jolijnslittleadventures. She has shared so much helpful information about her country with me, and it…

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The Magic Stolen Hour in the Eye of the Storm

Storm after storm has battled our coastlines. Rain, wind and hail repeatedly threaten the passivity of our outdoor lives. Last night, we felt  the wrath of storm Imogen. This morning,there are broken flowerpots and ceramic animals laying about the front lawn, but myself and the girls are nestled gently in the eye of the storm. … Continue reading The Magic Stolen Hour in the Eye of the Storm